Corbin Cruise is a Brooklyn design and Fabrication studio that specializes in metalwork. It's founder, matty cruise, explores the unearthed potential of many alloys in an attempt to bring life to traditionally rigid Materials. Ranging from Stainless Steel, to tarnished bronze, and vibrant hues of Brass, Corbin Cruise finds purpose in making metal both relatable and attainalbe. as shown in his first collection, Various patinas and finishes are available throughout, thus provoking the curiosity of various clientele. Customization applies to all facets of this studio; whether it be drawings, finishes, or composition, Corbin Cruise demonstrates consciousness throughout the design process. This versatility extends beyond fabrication as Corbin Cruise offers additional services such as: repairs, re-creations, built-ins, objet, on site work and installations, sculpture, and even provides welding classes for those interested. This studio's vocation is to make any potential client comfortable with metal no matter what form it may take. 


Collection photography by emma ressel 

Telephone Table Garden .jpeg